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Posted on Mar 27 within Lifestyle, Offline, Online, Writing

Moving Towards Something New

So, it has been some time since I last updated here. More than one thing has changed, but overall, some of the parts are better than others. It took me a chance to sit down, enjoy something new, and find out how huge and wide this something new is for it finally make my decision and finally move towards something new.

During the years that I had been away from this blog, I had quite a few changes happen. From becoming a mother to my little boy, I also finished my teaching degree. While I haven’t found the school district I want to be in, I have been busy with subbing which has allowed me time to stay home with my kids.

My little boy is something else. Full of energy, learning about every small things, and loves pointing out what he likes. However, he is a bit slow with some developmental issues. I never figured I would be a mother to a special child, but isn’t all children special in their mother’s eye? I take each day slow and always remember that it could be worse.

Tranquility is probably going to go through quite a few changes. I recently, well technically a year ago, started taking a wide interest into a fandom that has totally changed my way on writing and seeing things. It has allowed me to broaden out and learn different things regarding my writing. It has also saved me when my mind has not been on the bright of things.

I plan to try and bring more with my writing, mostly by showcasing what I can do and what I can offer. This will tie in with my writing site: Imagine in Words. I usually just post my fanfiction work there, but I want to bring more especially since I don’t just write. I can edit, too. I actually have a lot of skills regarding the English language, something that I don’t talk about much. Maybe this step moving forward will help it.

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