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Lifestyle, Motherhood, Offline • 09/06/2016

August Updates

I have been trying to bring more to my blog with it either being life posts or just random things I can think of. My last few posts have been about my pregnancy and of course my general life offline. Well, as you saw, my last post was about the birth of my daughter Leah.

This post is my August Updates which include beauty, lifestyle, and a whole bunch other things. Since my daughter was born in August, I have to include her. She has been a dream to have. I love motherhood, and everything new thing that brings along with it. She is absolutely adorable. Sure, there are ups and downs, but what would motherhood be without them.

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Motherhood • 08/11/2016

A Bundle of Joy

Last week turned out to be a different experience. Monday started out pretty normal with a few twinges that I wasn’t quite sure about. When Wednesday came around for my next Doctor’s appointment, my husband and I found out some information. My baby girl’s due date was for August 8th. She was still pretty healthy and active in the womb on Wednesday. The doctor said that if she wasn’t here by her due date, we would meet for another appointment and make the decision on when to induce. My husband and I basically had a plan. She would be here within the week before the following Friday. Wednesday was my birthday, so my husband was kind enough to treat me out before we headed home. That is when things started to change.

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Lifestyle, Offline, Online • 06/18/2016

Small bit of update

I really haven’t wrote much here at my journal. I’ve been trying to get things adjusted to how I want to use my blog and my websites. I know for sure that I really want to keep my design website updated and keep updated with my writing. Those are two important things for me especially if I want to stay at home with my little girl when she gets here.

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