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Posted on Mar 23 within Education

Communication & Collaboration

WordPress is great tool for communication and collaboration especially in a classroom. Teachers can easily step up a site within a domain and allow students to register. Students from there would be able to post articles, essays, and anything else related to the subject of that class. Plus, since WordPress has a comment section on each post or page, students can have their classmates comment back along with the teacher doing the same.

However, if WordPress is not something simple for teachers and students alike to understand, Google Drive is another example of a great tool online for communication and collaboration. Google Drive allows the students and teachers to share and collaboratively edit Google Docs with anyone else who has a Google account. There is no cost to having a Google account which makes it one of the top tools on the web to use.

An example of using WordPress as a communication and collaboration tool is by students adding to the posts and pages by creating individual posts and pages regarding the assignment. Since I want to become and English teacher, I will Edublog as an example. Edublog allows students to create blogs along with their teachers to create collaborative assignments with multiple ways to communicate.

The grade that I want to teach for this lesson will Seniors or 12th grade. The students will be required to set up their own blog as the literature assignment will require them to write a short story collaborating with other students. One student will start with chapter one and go from there. At the end, the teacher will print the story out for the students to read. Students will be allowed to have other students comment on small things that might be needed to change such as a plot or setting. Students can also help with editing by commenting on what part of a sentence needs another word.

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