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Posted on Feb 27 within Lifestyle, Offline, Online

Clean Slate

You are going to notice quite a bit of changes here at Watermia. I’ve decided to have a clean slate with this place. I don’t know for sure how many this has been, but that is besides the point. There are going to be quite a few changes here. I am still going to post my personal topics and such. I am just wanting to branch out and bring some lifestyle posts here. I don’t know how many will do or how well I will keep up with them. I am just going to bring something new. And to start out, this first topic is going to be about goals.

We always set goals. Sometimes they can be farfetch goals or even simple ones. No matter what, we are always thinking of some type of goal that we want to reach. I am no different. When thinking of a goal, we need to keep in mind on how difficult it might take to achieve the goal and also, how long the goal will take. If goal takes too long and your emotions get in the way of it, sometimes the goal is not even worth it.

My first goal has been a big one and will effect on the future. My previous post told about a huge life changing event: I was getting married. Well, since that is out of the bag, more is sure to follow, right? Well, I have one worry that leads to a big goal. I want my debt under control. I want most of it paid off before we start a family. Now, this goal seems like a big one. If I referr to the first part of making of goal, we need to make sure that the time frame is something we can accomplish. I honestly cannot say how long this goal will take. I am trying the Snowball effect for my debt, but when you have certain events that can not be prepared for happen, time changes.

If you believe your goal is something that you can accomplish, go for it. Don’t let doubt settle in and ruin your chance on finishing something. I have smaller goals that are situated around that big goal. I know when that big goal has been accomplished, a lot of changes will happen. I will have a better chance at completing smaller goals and branching out with more chances to do different accomplishments.

Basically, goals help you accomplish any idea that you are set to. With a clean slate here at my journal, I am attempting to bring more life style posts here that will reflect of different aspects that can help lead a better life or relate to something I enjoy. There will still be regular personal posts here, but I am branching out and seeing where it takes me.

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