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Apr 3

Cloudy day

The saying goes that there will always being a ray of sunshine through the darkest days or when one door closes another door opens. If those sayings are true, then I hope with my belief and my faith, that one door does open for me or there is a ray of sunshine in these dark days. There has been a lot happening. This week has been hell. It is hard for me to even figure out what is going to happen next. I know that with the current situation, it has give me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do. I just now have to get my behind in gear and do it.

I recently just lost my job. At first, I was upset about it. I have no insurance, no 401K, no paycheck coming in. What was I suppose to do? However, after talking it over with my fiance, he suggested that I start up one of my business. He wants me to do makeup reviews and such on another site. I am fine with that, but I also know the work and cost of doing a makeup review site. He believes I can use my current makeup and go from there. Sooner or later, I am going to have to start buying makeup. However, it might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. My second option is continue working with the webdesigning business. I know if I sit down and start the coding, I can produce a layout. I just don’t know if it will make the money I need to survive. My last option is my writing, even if my fiance doesn’t believe it will help at this moment. If I can become an author, I will accomplish my main goal after graduating college.

This week has been hell with other issues both on his side of the family and mine. However, I am hoping that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I need something to give me that boost to keep trying. Sooner or later, everything will start to fall into place. Keep praying for me for each prayer helps.

Feb 27

Clean Slate

You are going to notice quite a bit of changes here at Watermia. I’ve decided to have a clean slate with this place. I don’t know for sure how many this has been, but that is besides the point. There are going to be quite a few changes here. I am still going to post my personal topics and such. I am just wanting to branch out and bring some lifestyle posts here. I don’t know how many will do or how well I will keep up with them. I am just going to bring something new. And to start out, this first topic is going to be about goals.

We always set goals. Sometimes they can be farfetch goals or even simple ones. No matter what, we are always thinking of some type of goal that we want to reach. I am no different. When thinking of a goal, we need to keep in mind on how difficult it might take to achieve the goal and also, how long the goal will take. If goal takes too long and your emotions get in the way of it, sometimes the goal is not even worth it.

My first goal has been a big one and will effect on the future. My previous post told about a huge life changing event: I was getting married. Well, since that is out of the bag, more is sure to follow, right? Well, I have one worry that leads to a big goal. I want my debt under control. I want most of it paid off before we start a family. Now, this goal seems like a big one. If I referr to the first part of making of goal, we need to make sure that the time frame is something we can accomplish. I honestly cannot say how long this goal will take. I am trying the Snowball effect for my debt, but when you have certain events that can not be prepared for happen, time changes.

If you believe your goal is something that you can accomplish, go for it. Don’t let doubt settle in and ruin your chance on finishing something. I have smaller goals that are situated around that big goal. I know when that big goal has been accomplished, a lot of changes will happen. I will have a better chance at completing smaller goals and branching out with more chances to do different accomplishments.

Basically, goals help you accomplish any idea that you are set to. With a clean slate here at my journal, I am attempting to bring more life style posts here that will reflect of different aspects that can help lead a better life or relate to something I enjoy. There will still be regular personal posts here, but I am branching out and seeing where it takes me.

Dec 17

Changes towards the future

There has been a lot happening lately, and I think it is about time that I talk about it. First off, if you notice a change in Watermia that is because most of the personal entries related to me personally have been removed to private. If you are wanting a more in depth look of my life, contact me. I really wanted to try and bring life to this place, but I also knew that I always want to rant about something that maybe shouldn’t be available for everyone in the whole world to see. I won’t always have private entries, but if you notice that this place is not being updated as much, that could be a reason.

I don’t know where to start off next for a big change has happened. It is probably easier to just say it and follow up with everything else. On October 31st which happens to be my favorite holiday and favorite month, my boyfriend had a little bit of help with our puppy to do the most amazing thing ever: he proposed to me. Yep, you read right. I am finally getting married. The date has been set for June 6th next year. Pretty quick, right? Well, he is hoping we can start a family as soon as we are married. Now, I can rant on about the stress I am having with planning a wedding, but that would make this entry way to personal. I might talk about the stress I am going through, but at the moment, it doesn’t need to be here. Just know that planning for a wedding on a strict budget is not easy.

Second big change has not taken affect yet. It will be happening sometime next year when I have all the minor details figured out. However, I am not going to keep it a secret. Stone Meadow Designs, my portfolio site, has moved to a new home. I am actually going to try and expand my portfolio into a small business. I know it is going to be hard work for I know nothing about getting a business up and running. I just thought that since I love coding WordPress layouts maybe I should use that talent to help other people. When the site is live and working, I will let everyone know the url of the domain.

There are more things happening in the background such as my writing and all, but lately those two subjects have been the biggest changes so far. I am planning to do a bit of beauty on this site such as a few reviews and maybe a favorites post, but I haven’t decided if I really want to do it. For now, Watermia is a little bit more alive. I am alive. I just need to branch out and see where my next few ideas lead me.