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Posted on Sep 6 within Lifestyle, Motherhood, Offline

August Updates

I have been trying to bring more to my blog with it either being life posts or just random things I can think of. My last few posts have been about my pregnancy and of course my general life offline. Well, as you saw, my last post was about the birth of my daughter Leah.

This post is my August Updates which include beauty, lifestyle, and a whole bunch other things. Since my daughter was born in August, I have to include her. She has been a dream to have. I love motherhood, and everything new thing that brings along with it. She is absolutely adorable. Sure, there are ups and downs, but what would motherhood be without them.

I don’t have many favorites to talk about since I really don’t purchase a lot of new things. I stick to what I have. For lifestyle, I have been recently reading a new book titled “A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah Maas. This is the second book in the series. I read her first book “A Court of Roses and Thorns.” There will be review about that book up soon. Right now, though, I am enjoying her second book. I won’t put any spoilers here for people who haven’t read it yet.

Another lifestyle favorite of mine is a necklace that I purchased while in Estes Park, Colorado for my sister’s wedding. It is on a sterling silver chain and features a simple teardrop featuring Australian Opal. Here is a picture to show what it looks like better. I fell in love with it when I first saw it. For a while, I have been looking for a simple piece that I could wear almost every day if I want to.

Now with beauty favorites, I only have a few. To start off, my foundation has been my favorite that I have found. I keep debating about trying a new foundation, but after so long using the same foundation, I have decided that the one I have is perfect. It is the Everyday Minerals Jobob Base Powder Foundation in Golden Ivory 1W.

My second favorite is the birthday gift my husbands allowed me get for myself. I don’t do a lot of makeup looks I am used to just basic, simple, and neutral looks. It is the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Essentials Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette. I love how many eye shadow looks I get from this palette. I can make night time looks to every day natural looks.

The third beauty favorite is my highlighter. I have so many top favorite highlighters, but to actually use an old one and realize how good it is, it sometimes surprises me. As I said about my eye looks, the same goes for highlighter. On occasion, I like a highlighter that is strong, but most of the time, I rather have a slight highlighted look that is still noticeable. The Stila All Over Shimmer Duo Powder in Kitten is exactly it. I have used it every day and loved the soft, but noticeable look.

My last beauty favorite is my lipstick. It was my first MAC purchase. I was wanting a lipstick that makes my lips look better. I do not like bold lips. I will stick with neutral looks. MAC Viva Glam V is the perfect neutral peach color that makes my lips look better with a hint of shimmer. It was my go to lipstick for the whole month.

Other than my favorites, I have started to listen to podcasts. I never thought I would listen to them. Right now, I don’t have a favorite, but I have been lately listening to Jess Lively. A lot of them that I listen to are blogging, motherhood, and simplifying. I like what she talks about and the guest that appear on the podcasts.

I don’t know about any goals at the moment. I had been pretty busy with my daughter, but I do hope I can keep up with another post soon or at least get 5% of my writing done. I will keep people updated through my social medias, but how many posts I bring here, I don’t know yet. I have priorities at the moment.

Till next time!

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