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Lifestyle, Offline, Online, Writing • 03/27/2023

Moving Towards Something New

So, it has been some time since I last updated here. More than one thing has changed, but overall, some of the parts are better than others. It took me a chance to sit down, enjoy something new, and find out how huge and wide this something new is for it finally make my decision and finally move towards something new.

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Motherhood • 06/17/2019

A Blessing from Above

This month has had some very strange twists and turns. However, with everything that has happened, I wouldn’t change a thing. This experience was completely different, and from this experience I know that my future will be better and that this was the right choice.

I was currently in my last trimester of my pregnancy. Our special little one was moving around a lot and kicking me like crazy. This pregnancy was certainly different from my last one with my daughter.

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Lifestyle, Offline, Online • 01/31/2019

January or whats left

It seems like my last post was when I had that devastating miscarriage. While that did hurt and took some time to recover from, my husband and I do have good news. This coming June we are expecting to add a new addition to the family. Our daughter is excited for the baby and so are we.

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