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Welcome to the “Domain/Content” page of my journal. I don’t usually put a lot of things here. However, I wanted to point out some things about this domain. First off, the domain was purchased in November 2012. I was really debating about having a personal domain for my journal or just leave it connected to my other domain. I finally decided that I could do more of my personal things here and leave my fan-related items on my other domain.

This journal runs on WordPress and a bunch of other bits of things that I used to create it. If you are interested in resources for this site, please visit my credits page. This domain is part of my other domains package meaning that it is all hosted by Surpass Hosting.

Questions and Answers

1. Will you host me on Watermia.org?
Not really. Watermia is my personal domain. If you are need a place with a bunch of space, check out my other domain, shattered-memories.org. I do hosting there.

2. Will you create me a layout like you have for your site?
Yes. Just visit my studio, Stone Meadow Designs. I create layouts there for a small price.

3. Will you advertise my site or service or store or client on your blog?
No. I don’t put ads of any sort of my blog, and I don’t believe that is ever going to change. This site is completely ad-free except when I credit a site that I used for my layouts.

4. Will you review my site and give me feedback?
I am not much of a review person, but if you ask me nicely, I might help you out.

Created for You or Myself

I have started to do a few things such as pixels and coding small bits and pieces. Don’t expect a lot here, though. Anyways, take a chance to look at what I have to offer, but please read my terms of usage before taking anything. I also have a toybox which is located here.

Terms of Usage
I am not going to make a list on my usage. It is pretty simple. If you take a pixel or even a layout, remember to credit the original owner. Don’t take a whole bunch of pixels and place them in a huge toy box. I don’t usually take reviews, but you can ask me. I think that is about it. Just remember to credit.